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COVID-19 Protocols: 
If you have COVID, symptoms or were exposed (awaiting test results) please stay home. Masks suggested for all unvaccinated people (optional while playing).  For the Learn to Play families, the lobby is CLOSED; Students wait outside.  Pros escort students in and out of the club.  Parents must wait outside.  

Summer (July-August) 2022
 (first come, first serve)
Kids:                                                                        Adults:

Ability Level Descriptions:

Beginner - never taken lessons or taken some.  Still developing ability to hit the ball consistently over the net using proper fundamental stroke mechanics

Advanced Beginner - taken lessons regularly over the past several years, able to hit the ball consistently over the net utilizing proper stroke mechanics.  Not able to rally/hit back-and-forth yet.

​Intermediate - Able to rally, serve & play points using proper stroke mechanics.  Still developing footwork patterns and game tactics. 

Advanced - Competitive players able to control placement, depth, power & spin across all shots.  Using advanced footwork patterns, game strategies and tactics.